Core Program Areas

RULAAC focuses on the following core program areas and activities:

1. Monitoring, investigation and research on law enforcement policies and practices.

2. Documenting and publishing law enforcement violations and good practices.

3. Intervening on behalf of victims of wrongful law enforcement practices and abuse of human rights.

4. Offering free legal services with special focus on the poor and vulnerable groups.

5. Campaigning for justice for victims of violations and demanding accountability for human rights abuses through press conferences, newsletters, periodic human rights updates, periodic and annual reports, human rights litigation, etc.

6. Advocating for improvement in welfare of police personnel as a means of fighting corruption and humanizing the police.

7. Creating awareness and advocating for reforms through facilitating media debates and programs – live interactive television and radio programs, etc.

8. Creating awareness of legislation underpinning human rights and law enforcement through training for law enforcement agencies and engagements with other stakeholders through focus group discussions and workshops.

9. Engaging and partnering with Police oversight agencies and public complaints mechanisms (Police Service Commission, National Human Rights Commission, relevant legislative committees, Ministry of Justice, etc) to assist them to discharge their mandates more effectively and timely

10. Publishing quarterly Newsletter and periodic and annual reports on policing and human rights.

11. Conducting training and sensitization programmes for law enforcement agencies and citizens on human rights using national and international laws, Conventions and Protocols underpinning law enforcement- including the Nigerian Constitution, The Police Act, Administration of Criminal Justice Act/Laws, Violence Against Persons Act, Child Rights Act/Laws, Anti-Torture Act, and regional and international human rights legislation, etc.

12. Creating public awareness of human rights in the context of law enforcement through conferences and seminars etc.

13. Advocating for improvement in law enforcement legislation, policies and practices.