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Monitoring law enforcement action within the framework of COVID-19 lockdown and curfew enforcement.

Rule of Law And Accountability Advocacy Action Centre (RULAAC) with support from the Open Society Justice Initiative is monitoring the implementation of the recent directive by the Inspector General of Police to minimize arrest and detention over simple offences. The monitoring also assesses compliance with the recent ‘Operational Guidelines for the Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies on Covid-19 prevention enforcement duties launched by the IGP as part of measures to foster a more harmonious relationship between the Police and members of the public, deepen respect for the rights of citizens, provide a new set of policing tools for tackling emerging crimes such as domestic violence, rape, child molestation and other incidents of gender-based violence (GBV)’.

The main objective of this intervention is to generate data with which to engage the police and law enforcement authorities on reforms focusing on the pretrial phase.

The monitoring will assess the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on criminal justice work in Nigeria.

For this purpose, RULAAC has Identified, trained and deployed two monitors in each of the following States: Anambra, the FCT, Lagos, Ogun, Abia and Kaduna.

State monitors are to identify and report deviations from the directives and guidelines, abusive conducts and human rights violations as well as how well the police are equipped and protected to effectively carry out their duties and how far they comply with NCDC protocols.


The monitoring duration is between May 30, 2020 and November 30, 2020.

This project builds on the synergy developed under the Justice Initiative/RULAAC supported Police Stakeholders Partnership Forum (PSPF) in Anambra State and hopes to extend the platform to five other states as a mechanism for holding NPF personnel to account for rights violations, while growing skills and awareness to ensure prevention and diminution of such violations.


a} Identify, train and engage state monitors – RULAAC has identified trained and engaged monitors in six states of the federation – Anambra, Federal Capital Territory (Abuja), Kaduna, Abia & Ogun – to monitor the IGP’s directive and the Operational Guidelines.

b} Monitor detention facilities and conduct of police personnel– The monitoring exercise will seek to gauge the level of compliance by monitoring the inflow of arrested persons into police detention facilities, the offences for which the arrests are made and the treatment meted to arrested persons while in detention. It will also reflect on the availability of COVID-19 prevention equipment and tools for police personnel to do their jobs properly.

c} Weekly Report of Monitoring Effort – The reports from the six states will feed into a central report which RULAAC will publish weekly with specific steps taken to address challenges and recommendations to the appropriate authorities.

d} Advocacy on the Outcome of Monitoring Effort – RULAAC will engage relevant stakeholders, including police leadership and oversight institutions on the important task of converting recommendations into positive action in the field.


RULAAC will issue weekly updates of monitoring efforts, Bi-monthly update of specific outcome of engagement with stakeholders on the findings of weekly reports and Report of cases and complaints resolved by or through the platforms in the project states.

RULAAC will prepare and publish the final report on November 30, 2020.

Are you a victim, witness, or do you know anyone who is a victim of abuse or misconduct by the police or any other law enforcement agents involved in the enforcement of Covid-19 lockdown or curfew in any of the states covered under this project?

Please, send your report/complaint, including photos and videos to the underlisted WhatsApp numbers:

Abia: (1). 08033979627 , (2). 08098007554

Anambra: (1) 08032102294 , (2.) 08066130373

Kaduna: (1). 07061885552 , (2). 07034690475

Lagos: (1). 08023684524 , (2). 09065356991

Ogun: (1). 08050527206 , (2). 08024219850

FCT: (1). 08103090245 (2). 09025021749

Or directly to RULAAC Rulaac Rulaac at 08064974531. Okechukwu Nwanguma