Rule of Law and Accountability Advocacy Centre is a not-for-profit non-governmental human rights advocacy organisation established with commitment to promoting law enforcement accountability, transparent and responsible policing, and respect for human rights and rule of law.

RULAAC carries out its mandate through monitoring, research, investigation, documenting, publicizing and publication, campaign and advocacy, networking, 

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Protecting the rights and wellbeing of EVERY citizen

Vision Statement

To bring about a professional, citizen-centered and accountable policing in line with best democratic policing practices, prioritizing respect for human rights, compliance with due process and rule of law, and inviting community confidence, support and partnership in safety and security.


Mission Statement

Promoting professionalism, accountability, and respect for human rights and rule of law in the conduct of law enforcement operations, and assisting policing oversight agencies to discharge their mandates effectively and timely through campaigns, advocacy and constructive


Core Program Areas

RULAAC focuses on the following core program areas and activities:

Monitoring, investigating and researching law enforcement policies and practices.
Documenting and publishing law enforcement violations and good practices.



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A. Campaigning for justice for victims of violations and demanding accountability against perpetrators of rights abuses
B. Conducting training and sensitization programmes for law enforcement agencies
C. Free legal services
To help get people detained out on bail

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Our Blog

Statement by RULAAC on International Day in Support of Victims of Torture 2020

Violence and torture are intrinsic to the way the Nigeria Police Force conducts its work. They are active at every point of contact with the Police – at routine checks,

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Press Release – The continued unlawful detention

The continued unlawful detention, incommunicado, of Abia State lawyer  Empero Gabriel Ogbonna by the state security service (SSS) in flagrant disobedience to court orders, is despicable. Rule of law and

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Human Rights Call – Another Alarming Case Of SARS Atrocity

RULAAC Calls On The Inspector General Of Police To, Again, Caution Officers On Misuse Of Firearms; Order An Impartial And Effective Investigation With A View To Ensuring Justice In The

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